Counseling Services


Our Counseling Services are here to provide your well being. A healthy journey for your heart, soul. and mind.

Dr. Darlene Dunn is a nurse practitioner who also holds her doctorate in psychology. She has a special interest in self-esteem promotion and she specializes in CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Technique) for her patients. The journey to mental healing starts with you.

In some way or another we all have some kind of trauma we have endured in our life. Be it now or from years past even as far back as childhood. It is up to you as an individual to take care of your mental health from these traumas. 

Dr. Dunn will give you an unbiased opinion, she will allow you to talk without waiting for your turn. She will bring you validity to what you are feeling. 

We have individual and couples counseling. 18 years and up

We have management for depression, stress and anxiety issues. 

Being mentally healthy has many benefits;

Increased skill in interpersonal communication.


Improved interpersonal relationship.

Decreased depressive symptoms.

Decreased anxiety symptoms

Utilizes a combination of medication and counseling interventions

Improved quality of life.

Clarity of behavioral contribution to wellbeing.

Reduction of suicidal ideation.

Improvement in emotional self regulation.

The Benefits of Counseling

Most Counseling Sessions ae covered by insurance

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