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How is Functional medicine different than conventional medicine?

Functional Medicine supports the unique expression of health by treating the whole person, instead of isolating a set of symptoms. Functional Medicine practitioners listen to the stories of each individual, focusing on the patient’s interactions with genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. This practice is patient-centered and integrates nutrition, exercise, therapeutics, stress-management, leading-edge laboratory testing, as well as guidance on the appropriate usage of medications, botanical medicines, and supplements.

Currently, chronic conditions and diseases are on the rise; although conventional medicine practitioners may be great at addressing acute illness and conditions, many of them are not adequately trained to assess and treat the root cause of chronic conditions. The current conventional healthcare system compartmentalizes symptoms that an individual may present with and does not take into consideration that everyone has their own unique genetic makeup that is influenced by toxins, foods, or other environmental factors.



Preventing the onset of chronic conditions is equally as important as addressing an already present condition. Nearly every complex chronic illness that we see is preceded by long-term disturbances in functional processes within the body that can be pinpointed and effectively managed. When you work with a Functional Medicine practitioner, you become an active partner in the journey towards your own overall health with a customized treatment plan and support every step of the way.

Why Do We Need Functional Medicine?

How Can Functional Medicine Help You?

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