Nerve Regeneration Therapy

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Reduce Peripheral Neuropathy & Chronic Pain Without Drugs or Surgery


If you are Tired of feeling the symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy or Chronic Pain you have come to the right place. Dr. Darlene Dunn, PhD, MSHSA, ANP-C has helped many of her patients to become PAIN FREE, with a New 100% Drug Free, Safe, and Proven Method with this Nerve Stimulation Therapy. 

Chronic conditions can take a toll on your quality of life, both physically and emotionally. At Altair Wellness, we take a different, innovative approach to treating peripheral neuropathy with the state of the art small nerve fiber electrotherapy. Electrical nerve stimulation is a unique treatment method that's been particularly effective for many of our patients because it helps your body heal damaged nerve pathways , decrease inflammation and increase circulation while reducing chronic pain. By addressing these underlying causes of your symptoms, you can get long-term relief from symptoms without invasive treatments of addictive medications. 

Our state of the art nerve stimulation system is FDA approved and goes beyond traditional transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy in that it uses electronic signal energy waves produced by an ultra-high digital frequency generator. These therapeutic energy waves stimulate your body on a cellular level without being invasive or causing discomfort. With bi-weekly treatments, over time, many people report less reliance on pain medications , increased mobility, and overall improvement in their quality of life.

Using Cell Signaling Technology, is a Non-Surgical, Safe (FDA Cleared), and Proven (Covered by Medicare & Insurance) solution to treat Pain caused by Peripheral Neuropathy and other challenging diseases.  This life changing treatment is now available in Wasilla, AK! 

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