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Our Medical Spa and Medical Clinic has a variety of
amazing botanical and natural products for your skin
and body for healing and wellness. We have a wonderful skin care line by
Botanical Science manufactured just for us here at Altair and
we carry the whole doTerra oils and more line. 

Botanical Science Pic 1.jpg
Altair Branding boardscircle white_4x.png
Botanical Science Skin Care 
Manufactured for Altair Integrative Wellness
Borage Leaf Cleanser.JPG
Chamomile Cleanser.JPG
Botanical Science Pic 2.JPG
Luminous Peptide Serum.JPG
Ginseng Mineral Toner.JPG
Herbal Blend Astringent.JPG
ALA Eye & Neck Creme.JPG
Blemish Control.JPG
Blueberry & Coffee Cleanser.JPG
Restorative Marine Moisterizer.JPG
Peel Post Kit.JPG
Intense Repair Cream .JPG
Peptide Treatment Lotion.JPG
Gold Vitamin Cx3.JPG
Dermaclenz Cleanser.JPG

Pillowise & Supplements

Pillowwise 2.jpg
Pillowwise 1.jpg
Pillowise 3.jpg
Pillowise $99 
Supplements 2.JPG
Supplements 1.jpg
Doterra 3.png
doterra 5.jpg
Doterra 6.JPG
Doterra pic .jpg
doTerra Sign pic.JPG
Deep Blue rub.JPG
$42  4 fl. oz.
Headache oils pic.JPG
Essential oils pic 1.JPG
Onguard Softgels.JPG
Oil Handbook.JPG
Bath Bars.JPG
On Guard Tooth paste pic.JPG
Lip Balm .JPG
Doterra Deoderant.JPG
Deep Blue .JPG
Breathe Drops.JPG
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