What is Regenerative Medicine?

Recent advances in integrative medicine have lead to new cutting-edge treatments for anti-aging and cellular regenerative medicine. Altair Integrative Wellness is pleased to have developed a new Medical Division within its clinic to incorporate this new medical specialty of Regenerative Medicine. 

Regenerative Medicine is a medical sub-specialty that incorporates many areas of pain management, under the umbrella of nerve or cellular regeneration, as well as rejuvenating aesthetic and cosmetic medicine. We offer new non-opioid pain management treatments such as electrical nerve stimulation for chronic pain or neuropathy, as well as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injection treatments for pain or aesthetic medicine, Also offered under auspices of Regenerative Medicine is testing and bio-identical hormonal replacement therapy  (HRT) for both women and men. 


Coming soon we will be offering IV nutrition therapy packages such as vitamin  therapy, Myer's cocktail and so much more.


IV Nutrition Therapy

IV Nutrition therapies have been utilized for years for simple rehydration during times of t=illness and stress, but also are gaining patient acceptance for their use in nutritional vitamin and energy producing benefits for even healthy individuals desiring a 'boost". These vitamins and nutritional boosts many times can not be achieved through the oral dosage. Before starting IV nutrition therapy you must have an exam and assessment with lab results.  

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

PRP is a technique where the whole blood is drawn from the patient's own body in form of routine venous puncture, then utilizing a FDA approved centrifuge procedure, is spun down separating the plasma from red blood cells. When this plasma is then injected injected into soft tissue, the results may be cellular matrix strengthening and volume building to regenerate such . PRP can be given certain joints such as the knee , as well as cosmetic facial in "creases" that increases tissue volume and strength.

Fluid Flow Amniotic

Fluid Flow Amniotic is a liquid allograft injection, abundant in growth factors and cytokines to aid in the repair and regeneration of soft tissue. 


Peptide Therapy

Both peptides and proteins are polymers of amino acids. A Peptide generally consists of a chain of less than 100 amino acids, while a protein consists pf a longer chain over 100 amino acids. These prescription injections may increase cellular repair, improved pain and sleep quality, decrease body fat, and stimulate anti-aging skin effects. 

Revised HCG Weight Loss Program 

Our medical weight loss program is based on Dr. Lippman's revised HCG and dietary protocol. This provides appetite  suppression, anti-inflammatory effects and energy. You eat 3 strictly balanced meals per day, in combination with the injectable HCG which increases your metabolic rate, making it one of the most effective natural medical diets available. This is a 6 week package program. B12 injections may be added for energy, as well as MIC or peptide injections.  


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Bio-identical Hormone Therapy (HRT) and Well Woman Gyne Services.

HRT treatment is available for both men and women. As most women are aware today, non-bioidentical HRT in past years was prescribed in the form of conjugated estrogens, i.e. under the brand named Premarin. Woman's Health Initiative study released in 2005 found  an increased risk of breast cancer and uterine cancer, as well as increased risk of stroke and heart attacks on  Premarin. Bio-Identical HRT is a much safer option. ate

Men, as well as women often feel reduced energy and vitality as they age, with their testosterone decreases. Serum blood tests can asses the levels of testosterone and if clinically low a prescription form of topical cream or surgical pellet implantation or bi-weekly injections may be appropriate. 

Aesthetic Medicine

Now under our Regenerative Medicine division, we continue to offer a full realm of cosmetic medicine treatments for purely an enhanced aesthetic effect. Dr. Dunn, PhD, NP-C continues to update techniques in advanced Botox, the full line of Allergen tissue fillers, micro-pigmentology implantation, as well as the newest FDA approved permanent submental chin fat reduction procedure known as "Kybella " injections. You can find prices and services for these under our Medical Spa page.  

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