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It’s More Than Preventative, Chiropractic Can Save Your Life

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

By: Dr. Anna Altair

It was a beautiful day out, near Laguna Beach, California when we decided to go Boogie Boarding. We grabbed our boards and drove to the beach, at Crystal Cove State Park.

That is when in a blink of an eye our worlds where literally flipped upside down.  Maybe you have been following my story on our Facebook page. If not, the short of it is, I broke my back when a wave hit my board and sent me tumbling.  I shattered T-6 and fractured 6 others, bruised my left side and luckily, didn’t drown.

For those of you who don’t know me.  I have been a patient of Chiropractic since 1972.  I became a Chiropractor 20 years ago because I believe in it so very much.  But this accident has helped me to appreciate it and its preventative help more than ever.

At first, we did not know if I would ever feel or move my legs again.  But as the swelling in my spinal cord went down, I began to wiggle my toes.  That is when I knew that keeping my spine limber through regular adjustments, yoga and Pilates, had paid off big time.  At 72 years young, an accident like this can easily have you end up in a wheelchair or at the very least facing a long recovery.

For me, I have faced many phases of recovery over the past 2 months, with Ken, my sweetheart, by my side to help.  As the swelling in my spinal cord continues to go down, I continue to gain more control. I have learned how to use a wheelchair, retrain my feet, then legs to move. And began walking with a walker 8 weeks after the accident.  I plan on dancing and skiing sooner than later and I accredited much of my recovery to make sure my spine was in optimal health through regular adjustments.

The time to get an adjustment is when you are feeling good, so if an accident happens your spine can heal with more ease.  Schedule your appointment with

Dr. Tara today (907) 357-1818.

I hope to be back in the office soon.  I miss you all and thank you for all your prayers and healing wishes.

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