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3 New Reasons to get Regular Massages

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

There are many reasons to get a massage from medical, injury recovery, to stress reduction. Here are a few reasons getting a monthly massage (usually covered by insurance) that will help you stay healthy year round.

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One out-of-the-box benefit from regular massage is lymph drainage and detox. Your body holds toxins from daily activities like digesting processed food or sugars to breathing pollution. Many of these toxins are nearly impossible to avoid, which is why massage is so beneficial. Much like exercise or sitting in a sauna helps your body detox, massage goes even deeper releasing the toxins from your connective tissue and helping your immune system stay healthy. 

Did you know that tight muscles are not only caused by injury or daily stress but also trapped memories? In studies on stress and muscle tension, there is evidence that regular massages help you to not only release current stress from causing muscle tension and pain but also loosening muscles will help release old stress patterns as well, increasing your overall well-being.

Massage can rewind time. Reducing stress, in general, will help you relax and smile more, helping your skin stay youthful. However, massage will relax your facial muscles, soften your expressions and reduce wrinkles.

The girl taking head massage

I found an article in Wall Street Journal, with makeup artist Gucci Westman. She said that she often gives fashion models facial massages before they walk down the runway.   “For early morning shows when everyone’s puffy and not quite awake, facial massage is like coffee for the skin. Everything comes to life.” 

Since massage improves circulation throughout your largest organ – your skin – it could also give you a more radiant appearance. Simply put – good blood flow gives you that special glow.

There are so many good reasons to get regular massages. At Altair Chiropractic we treat the whole person, from radiant skin to injury recovery. With our expanded facility we now have even more massage therapists making it easier for you to schedule an appointment that works with your lifestyle. Schedule today at 907-357-1818, you can also schedule in advance to make sure you never miss your massage.

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