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Say NO to stress, disease and aches – with these 7 foods

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Who has time for stress and chronic disease?

Not me.


I remember when I thought I didn’t have a choice, I was just sick and that made it hard to work, which made life stressful. So I began learning how to take my health into my own hands. I already had tried every diet and didn’t want to take the pills the doctors wanted to put me on. I knew there had to be other answers.

Good NEWS - One thing YOU CAN control is what you EAT!

However, not every diet is for everyone. We all have our own food preferences. However, what I am about to share with you WILL be easy to add to your daily meals and help you to stay healthy, fit and eliminate stress. The alkaline diet is more than just quick fix way of eating; it should be a lifestyle and a habit. It’s no wonder that thousands of people are trying it. How can an alkaline diet really help you live healthier?

What Is An Alkaline Diet?

To put it simply, an alkaline diet is consuming more foods and beverages with a high pH and less that are acidic (low pH). This way of eating helps your body to more easily maintain an optimal pH balance, which keeps you healthy. Basically, disease lives in an acidic state.  All life depends on maintaining the right pH level. For humans, a 7.5 state is best, but many of us are 6.0 or less. Eating too much acidic food can result in health problems caused by acidosis, while a diet high in alkaline foods can lead to healthier functioning systems and even weight loss.


Thanks to the advent of industrial food, the number of refined grains, fatty meats, and processed sugars eaten daily is high. Making matters worse, most foods today are sodium rich and mineral poor, meaning your body doesn’t get what it needs to function well. These foods lead to inflammation and chronic disease and dramatically affect the body’s ability to maintain optimal pH level.

To balance acidity in your diet, eat more alkaline food and beverages.  By turning towards raw fruits and vegetables instead of processed foods, you’ll create an alkaline environment in your body that will restore balance and can lead to weight loss, better energy, and a more robust immune system.

The 7 Alkaline Foods you can easily add to your daily diet.

1) Kale – This is favorite in our family. The kids even love it, we call them Kale chips. Wash your kale, cut into strips or leave it whole, lay it out on a cookie sheet sprinkle olive or avocado oil on it and a little Himalayan sea salt and broil it until crispy. It’s a fun addition to any meal or snack.


2) Avocado – Eat them whole, added to a salad, or mashed up for guacamole.  You can’t go wrong with Avocado. Plus, it is the good fat that actually helps you burn off extra pounds.

3) Spinach – What can’t you do with spinach? Raw or steamed spinach is versatile for almost every meal. I love some spinach with eggs in the morning to kick off my day. How about you?

4) Bell Pepper – You can eat a rainbow with peppers coming in all colors, it is great in stir-fry, raw on a salad or cut up and used to dip out your guacamole.

5) Cucumber – These are my favorite for sure, I love dipping them in salsa or hummus, but they are great over salad or eaten on their own.

6) Celery – Celery is naturally salty and will add a little flavor to any meal.  You can cook them in a stew with other veggies or use them as a substitute for chips. They are also wonderful to juice.

7) Broccoli – Kids call these “little trees”, they are great to dip in dressing, or steam and put a little butter on them. You can add a little cayenne for a kick and boost to your metabolism.

Substitute these for some more acidic options like potato chips or crackers, meat or other high sodium options and your whole body will thank you. When you have a healthy body, it is easier to think clearer and find solutions to all the other little things life throws your way. Let us know how your lifestyle changes when you are at your next appointment!

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